Everyone Else is Doing It

I’ve contemplated a blog for some time now, I’ve even had the blog title “Tangled Mess” selected for a while I just haven’t done anything about it. I figured I could maybe handle four posts a month to keep this thing going; optimistic that my blogging habits are the opposite of my social media posting habits (It’s pretty sparse on Facebook). I have even poked fun at myself on my Facebook page for being so bad at posting consistently, apparently maintaining a following is not a priority for me.  However, despite my inability to consistently post, having this creative space to sell my creations as well as ramble about the things my mind seemed appropriate. I intend to blog on the pitfalls and triumphs of motherhood, as well as just moving through life as an actual adult for the times I choose to subscribe to that lifestyle. I’m 33 but I feel like I’ve lived enough in those few years to be able to share at least a piece of advice in the hopes it teaches someone a little something even if it‘s only to run far away from what I choose to do.  Stick around and ride this wave with me as I start to work through my Tangled Mess.    

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