I hope to be able to help others and inspire a difference through crafting and the awareness of self-care.

Ellee Made is a craft shop that offers inspiration and comfort to the everyday life of both the young and the old. The name Ellee Made derived from a combination of names between myself, my husband, and our daughter, so it is a name that holds close to my heart. As for me, I am Danielle, that friend who is never too far out of reach for a helping hand.

I started this shop as an outlet to give to others what crafting and art has given to me. Currently, I work out of my home, in a craft space dedicated solely to what I do best (usually make a mess!). My craft space serves as an escape when things become a bit hectic. I am a mother, wife, renaissance woman, and Jill of All Trades. I graduated with a Master's in Art Therapy in 2012 and now I spend my days in higher education at Middle Tennessee State University.

My shop offers a wide array of crafted items to suit any mood, interest, or need. Along with product diversity, I tend to stock a wide array of supplies. Aside from retail therapy and the source of overspending, my supplies are typically chosen based on my personal preference of quality and performance. I do not believe in selling something I wouldn't want to buy myself. My goal is to always make sure each customer never has to second guess the quality or service they receive.

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